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Writing down my thoughts and ideas on a daily, weekly or monthly basis was a habit for me growing up. I sometimes had dreams that seemed so real. I would write them down and some have came to pass. I don’t take dreams and visions lightly or a tugging on my heart to get a few words out. Some words are meant to be read.

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anonymous pilots in aircraft cockpit flying over sea

The Great Reset to One World Governance

Every year a group of elites from around the world come together for the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to talk about ways to help improve the world. But if you listen to what they discuss, it sounds like they are trying to come up with ways to control the world. There was mention about…

Belt of the Milky Way from Captain Cook, The Big Island, Hawaii

God of Creation

It’s amazing to think of God and His hand over creation. Every time I stare up at the sky, I’m so amazed at His magnificent creation. The lyrics to the song by Hillsongs, “So will I” really gets me thinking about God’s hand of creation. Here are the lyrics: So Will I (100 Billion X)…


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