Home of the Tallest Skyscraper

Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A close friend, one I practically grew up with around the family, lived in Abu Dhabi. While visiting her, I searched for opportunities to work in Dubai, hopefully becoming an expat. While driving to her house from Dubai, I pulled over to the side to make sure I was going the right way. I could feel the dry heat immediately after shutting off the car. The dreadful thought of being stuck out in the hot desert crossed my mind. It was constantly hot, even at night.


Illinois, USA

Chicago has a rich culture in architecture, which is why I chose to study there. From the studio, I could see the tallest buildings in downtown Chicago and when hungry, I could walk to Greek-town for a spanakopita or little Italy for pasta. There’s so much to see in downtown Chicago and it’s easy to walk around or find your way just by walking along the canal or Grant park.


Rome, Florence and Genoa

The study-abroad semester ended in Italy, first Genoa, then Florence and finally Rome. The museums in Genoa contained many famous historic pieces of art. The streets of Florence were well decorated for the Christmas season, yet on any hilltop, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore stands out as the dominant structure over the city, night and day. While walking through the streets of Rome, it is difficult to see the horizon, but easy to see the next tasty display of gelato. The streets are pedestrian friendly, some too narrow for any car. Ruins and other beautiful monuments are scattered throughout the city, which motivates the tired explorer to continue walking.